When we allow ourselves to be guided by our dreams, rather than by our fears healing can happen.

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This a community based medical centre that offers evidence based, professionally guided trauma healing work. We take a biopsychosociospiritual approach. The needs of the whole person are considered. Body, mind, heart and spirit. Inclusivity is something we value.

Our Focus

This is an intra-personal, processing therapy. We use an eclectic range of modalities to explore; self-care, self-expression, self-identity, trauma, grief and loss, fear and anxiety, self-care for professional caregivers, and much more. All in an atmosphere of gentleness and non-judgment. Survival strategies, trauma responses, belief systems, mind-sets, and behavior patterns that may no longer be serving are explored. The facilitators provide feedback. The opportunity to learn new skills is provided. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (TM) is one of the specific modalities we use in our program.



We welcome those who are willing to explore what healing and transformation looks like for them. This does require a commitment of: time and energy, self-care, self-compassion, and gentleness.

Intake Meeting

This is a 90 minute individual session. Participants will meet with the facilitators, Rita Balanko MA Registered Psychologist and Dr. Jane Carr, Psychiatrist. This meeting will give participants a better idea of the goodness of fit of these programs to their needs. It is a self-referral process. Potential participants need to review our Participation Requirements prior to booking an intake meeting

Future Projects

A portion of the resources generated by all of our healing circles goes to the Soluna Fund which is dedicated to the development of high quality, accessible, holistic healing projects. Some examples include: Aboriginal healing practices, trauma processing, nutrition, art, music and dance therapy, yoga, children’s health, holistic research and much more.