Soluna Wellness Medical Centre

Prerequisites for Booking an Intake Meeting

BEFORE calling to book your intake meeting please consider the following carefully. For your SAFETY, participation at Soluna Wellness Medical Centre requires that you must:

  •  over 18 years of age.
  • Have an active Alberta Health Care Number or territorial or provincial or federal equivalent.
  • NOT be pregnant or actively engaged in a conception process.
  • Abstain from Alcohol, Cannabis products of all kinds, and Street drugs one month prior to booking the intake meeting and for the duration of participation.
  • Agree to abstain from smoking, vaping , or using e-cigarettes anywhere on property.
  • Be able to negotiate stairs.
  • Be able to attend unaccompanied (no family members, support people, children, or assistance/therapy animals)
  • Have daytime availability (we do not do evening or weekend groups)
  • Have a confidential phone number to communicate with us.
  • Have and agree to use supports when needed. 780-424-2424, 211, 811 or 911 if needed.
  • Be the only one who communicates with us as it is a self-referral program and for your confidentiality.
  • If this is an emergency please use emergency services or 911.
  • If this agreeable please call 780-913-8205 to book your intake meeting.
  • Please be advised that services are subject to need and availability.
  • Please be advised we are only able to offer women’s groups at this time. As this changes we will update this site.
  •  Please be advised that any pandemic precautions required will be discussed at time of booking.
  • This is a medical centre. This is medical treatment in a GROUP setting. Independent of the presence or absence of public restrictions, we are required to follow best practices for all our patients SAFETY

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